M. Balasubramanian, coordinator, OFAI’s State Secretariat, Tamil Nadu honoured with Annasaheb Sahasrabuddhe Award for 2012

Annasaheb Sahasrabuddhe award was presented to Mr.M. Balasubramanian of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. M Balasubramaian is the coordinator of OFAI’s state Secretariat, Tamil Nadu. The country wide OFAI community takes pride in this recognition and extends its hearty congratulations to him.

Annasaheb Sahasrabuddhe Trust presented the award to Mr. Balasubramanian for this year at New Delhi on 27th March 2012. The award was presented by Justice C.S. Dharmadhikari at the National Conference on Sanitation and Environment.

M. Balasubramanian has been working with grassroots communities for the past 20 years, particularly in organic farming, minor millet promotion, organic cotton processing and natural dye making. He practices organic farming on his farm near Madurai. He has written many books and articles in leading Tamil dailies and magazines and edits the agriculture magazine – Thaalaanmai.

This award was created in the name of Annasaheb Sahasrabuddhe from Maharastra. He was a respected Gandhian worker and a participant in the freedom movement. Annasaheb Sahasrabuddhe was Secretary of the Sewagram Trust at Wardha and in 1960 Chairman, Standing Committee of Rural Industries of the Planning Commission, Government of India. In his time, he developed many agro based industries for the poor.