Organic farming in Karnataka to go the Nandini way

14 regional federations of farmers preparing to brand and sell their produce in retail market

With an ever-growing market in urban centres, organic farming in Karnataka is on the verge of going big by following the Nandini model (the brand name under which Karnataka Milk Federation sells its products) of co-operative marketing.

Data put up by the Agriculture Department shows that nearly 2.82 lakh tonnes of organic produce is being cultivated in over 94,000 hectares of land across the State. Much of this is being procured by the 14 regional federations and sold in the regional market without brand recognition. However, now, these federations are preparing to brand and sell their produce in the retail market, particularly, in Bengaluru.

One of the early birds is the Shivamogga District Regional Cooperative Organic Farmers Association Federation Ltd., which is expected to start branding its products pepper, paddy, sugarcane, cashews, vegetables and soapnut powder in Bengaluru by next week. We are cutting off the middleman, and so both farmers and customers can get a good rate. The Shivamogga brand will expand beyond the local market, said K. Ramappa, president of the federation.