Seed for diversity: We sow diversity where others destroy it

This year, if the merger between the agrochemical giant Bayer in Germany and Monsanto, the American seed and pesticide manufacturer, goes ahead, “BaySanto” will become the largest supplier of seeds and pesticides in the world. This would result in a market concentration, and concentration of power, in the agricultural sector.

Miseror think that is dangerous for democracy and for the whole food system. Just a few corporations can then decide how we live, work and eat.

The negative impacts of this agribusiness on people and the environment are already obvious, especially in the countries of the Global South. Yet for many years lots of small-scale farmers all over the world have shown that there are workable alternatives in farming. Their methods are democratic, socially aware, suited to local conditions and environmentally sound. Not only that: they can tackle the hunger in the world, too