17-year-old helps farmers turn organic, make huge leaps in small ways

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear or read about farmer suicides. There is outrage, media debates and ultimately, silence. For most citizens, their contribution to making farmer lives better begins and ends with a comment on a news article. However, Jiya Jain, a 17-year-old is not one of them.

Jiya  is one of the 5,00,000 children who go to a senior school in Delhi. Like every other 11th grade student, her day stretches along her school, friends and tuitions. Then, what sets her apart, you ask? Moved by the plight of farmers, Jiya wanted to bring about a change in the status quo. Looking at the pesticide intensive farming methods of farmers, Jain wanted to bring about a change and convert them to organic farming.