Chennai family creates ‘Oxygen Chamber’ on terrace, harvests 300 bags of veggies!

Through this article, you will get to know more about two friends, Balasubramaniam and Natarajan, and their 15-year-old Chennai-based terrace garden—Indra Terrace Garden—which has become a benchmark for efficient and effective terrace gardening in Chennai.

Both the friends have an avid interest in gardening and farming, and were attracted to the concept of growing and nurturing plants.

Many years ago, the duo decided to grow their own food, as they didn’t find the quality of the vegetables available in the market satisfactory. They wanted to begin terrace gardening, to eat better quality food and to spread awareness regarding the terrace garden concept.

Thus, the seed for the Indra Terrace Garden idea was sown in their minds. Slowly but surely, the two friends went about realising their dream.