Farm-friendly pests come to farmers’ rescue

Amritsar, The increasing concern regarding agricultural distress and degrading farm health has put emphasis on adopting farm-friendly practices. With many farmers switching to natural farming, new techniques are being adopted to improve soil health and results are encouraging for some. Experts in the field are reaching out to more with knowledge about more natural methods of farming, the latest being using friendly pests to replace pesticides and improving nutritional value of soil.

With Khalsa College establishing the first laboratory in the city to raise farm-friendly pests, regular workshops are being conducted to educate farmers about using insect species to save crop from damage. “Biological pest control has its benefits for ensuring high-yield crop and also rejuvenating the soil. With techniques like trachoderma for controlling soil pathogens, farmers are learning new ways to combat crop infestation,” says Rajvir Singh, an organic farming expert.