Life on the slow track

Venkat Iyer gave up a high-paying IT job to become a farmer. Today, he’s happier, but Mansi Taneja finds out it was not an easy transition

From a stressful life to a carefree one, from the city’s concrete jungle to nature’s open spaces, from zipping around in cars to taking public transport, and from pollution to clean air, Moong Over Microchips is the journey of an IT professional who dared to leave behind the trappings of a plush city life, including a six figure salary, and found his calling as a farmer in a peaceful rural setting.

The book traces Venkat Iyer’s dilemma of leaving his job in India’s financial capital after 15 stressful years of being bogged down by the hustle-bustle of the city and his professional life. “I felt alienated by this rat race and also felt isolated in my attempt to give it all up and try to eke out a simple existence by farming,” he writes.