17+ organic veggies on 7th floor!

Gardening had always been a hobby for Kanpur resident Dipali Shahlot, but it was when her family moved to a sixth-floor apartment in a residential complex 19 years ago, that her passion truly took flight.

The penthouse on the seventh floor, which has a vast terrace, also belongs to the family, and Dipali decided to use the space to grow vegetables and fruits!

After getting the terrace waterproofed, Dipali divided the space into two halves—one became a lawn while the other half was transformed into a veritable oasis of flowering plants along with organically grown vegetable and fruit plants.

“I grow all kinds of vegetables including spinach, onions, tomatoes, ladies finger, fenugreek, capsicum, black-eyed peas, cucumber, lemon, coriander, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, guava and many types of gourds. Besides routing all the biodegradable waste from my kitchen and garden for composting purposes, I also have demarcated space for a compost pit, so that there is no requirement for artificial or chemical fertilisers to nurture the plants,” says Dipali.