CEPTian, who won fellowship to introspect, wants to create urban farms

After spending nearly five months in villages across India, as part of a fellowship that allows to pause and introspect, Swati Khambhayata, a student of CEPT University is now in the final lap and wants to create urban farms in cities. Inspired by the simplistic living in villages, she now wants to spread awareness about minimalist lifestyle among people – eat local produce and explore indigenous ways of living, amidst nature.

An avid traveller, 25-year-old Swati could not explore places after her undergraduate programme because of financial constraints. The scholarship ‘Fellowship for Introspections and Expressions’ came to her at the right time. The fellowship is unique in its nature as it offers students to spend six months after completing their studies to pause, explore, examine and reflect on their future direction and long-term goals. The fellowship was introduced last year by architect Shirish Beri, who graduated from CEPT in 1974 and had taken a year off to un-condition and un-learn before starting his career. Beri’s work puts nature and humans at the core of his approach to design, and addresses concerns of the modern day life in the Indian context.