Consumers invest in organic farms

For the first time the consumers came forward to partner with the farmers cultivating millets and pulses using organic methods.

The consumers from Hyderabad, who signed an agreement with farmers of Ippapally, Potpally, Ganeshpur, Shashallapur, Arjun Naik Tanda and Lacha Naik tanda, here on Saturday, invested ₹10,000 per acre and in return would get crop worth the amount at the time of harvest.

Some 65 consumers travelled over 100 km from Hyderabad on bus on Saturday to see the fields in which they would be investing, to interact with the women farmers that would cultivate the land, the seeds they sow and the methods they follow in farming. The consumers were from Hyderabad-based Disha Consumer Movement while the farmers are active members of the Deccan Development Society (DDS) based at Pastapur.