Hyderabad folks get organic food directly from farmers in Sangareddy!

In a unique initiative pioneered by two grassroots organisations in Hyderabad, where about 100 consumers signed up with small-scale women farmers from the nearby district to produce organic products.

Gone are the days when humans looked after their food requirements in their landholdings. The modern world of the market has left most of us unaware of where our food products come from and who produces them. Consuming the packaged products offered by supermarkets or purchases from unknown sellers in the roadside-markets has become the reality of our consumption pattern.

However, for a group of urban consumers in Hyderabad, there may be a ray of hope to break away from the shackles of the organised market.

Christened ‘ConFarm’ (Consumer-Farmer Compact) and ‘Beyond Organic’, the novel idea is the brainchild of DDS (Deccan Development Society) and Disha Consumers Alliance, two community-level organisations based in Sangareddy and Hyderabad districts.