Nilgiri man quits IT job, strikes it rich with organic strawberry farming in Ooty

It was his ardent love for plants and trees that turned Babu Rajshekar from a management background to organic farming.

Strawberry-flavoured products are a rage across the world, especially when it comes to confectionaries and fruit-based items. Be it ice-creams, cakes, desserts, toffees or even infant food, the intense love for the pint-sized fragrant berry ensures that there is a strawberry-flavoured version for all of them.

Scientifically, though, it would be incorrect to categorise strawberries under berries or even fruits for that matter. In fact, the pinprick-sized seeds that you find on a strawberry are actually the fruits while the fleshy part is derived from the receptacle holding the ovaries of the strawberry runners.