All the nutrients necessary

By Maneka Gandhi

A recent book I have picked up, from the The Other India Bookshop, is a manual on Panchgavya by Dr. K. Natarajan.

Dr. Natarajan has studied the effects of panchgavya for decades and has used it across India to treat plants, animals and human beings. He says that the basic preparation should be fine tuned for maximum efficiency. He has already won the prestigious Srishti award for his bio pesticide (ease of preparation and lack of side effects)  and has made excellent immunity boosters for cattle. He has two herbal medicines for diabetes and arthritis.

Panchgavya has come a long way from 1998, when it was innovated by scientists for the first time. Now students have their PhDs and M.Phils for scientific research in “itr”. Thousands of farmers use it daily. The manual is extremely interesting. It not only gives detail of what panchgavya is, and how to make it, but it gives the names and details of how it is used in different places all over India, and empirical evidence on the difference it makes immediately to the soil and to the body.