Gave up an IRS job to sow the seeds of change in 7000 villages

Dr G V Ramanjaneyulu or Dr Ramoo as he is known, was born in a family where his grandfather practised agriculture but had quit and moved on to work for the Indian Railways. Ever since, most successors of the family continued to work for the national carrier. But Dr Ramanjaneyulu embarked on a road less taken. Much to the surprise of everyone, he decided to pursue a PhD in agriculture.

Passionate about the civil services, he even put in several hours of hard work to crack the Union Public Service Commission examination in 1995.

But when he was selected and presented with the option to work with the prestigious Indian Revenue Services, he refused. Instead, he opted to work as an agricultural research scientist with the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) to work with the tillers of the soil.

And before you think, his work with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research would bring him peace, let us tell you – it didn’t. After serving the council from 1996 to 2003, he quit, to establish a non-profit organisation called Centre for Sustainable Agriculture in 2004.