Start-ups ride demand for desi milk

Kolkata: Thirty-six-year-old Poornima Krishnamurthy, the mother of one-year-old twins, was rather worried when she was asked to start feeding cow milk to her sons. Her concern was the high level of adulteration.

So Poornima, a corporate lawyer by profession, settled for farm fresh milk, which is considered to be rich in the A2 protein that aids brain development.

“We all know that the milk we consume is produced from cows that are injected with hormones. I began looking around for wholesome alternatives and came across this company, which is into farm fresh milk. I decided to buy from them,” she said.

Poornima is not alone. Organic farm fresh milk, which is produced primarily from cows of indigenous breeds, seems to have caught the fancy of many, leading to the mushrooming of a number of ‘farm-to-home’ dairy start-ups.