Samaksham, a story from the soil

It is a campus many of us are familiar with – the MG University Campus. Neelathamara fame Kailash too had visited the campus twice during his college days but it was his role in  the upcoming Samaksham that gave him a very different perspective of the University, its working and the 100 acres of ground it stood on.  Incidentally, Samaksham is claimed to be the first full-length feature film that a University has produced in Kerala. The inspiration for the theme of the film came from the University grounds itself. Kailash explains, “Three years ago, MG University launched the Jaivam project, wherein the students with the help of the faculty grew organic vegetables at the campus. This was such a success that the model was later replicated in the houses under the Panchayat.”

While the initial idea was to make a documentary, it was later decided to convert it into a feature film. The proposal was put forward before the Education Ministry and it was approved with the only condition that the film should concentrate on organic farming. The faculty of the college Aju Narayanan and Calicut University faculty Anwar worked out a one-liner that was presented and approved by the Ministry.