Earth heroes, 2018: meet 10 path-breaking Indians saving our planet

However, all such paths come with a string of obstacles and setbacks. So it is quite understandable when people slowly lose the ability to keep fighting the good fight. Life, as we all know, has a habit of coming in the way of the best-laid plans.

But there do exist a rare breed of more resilient individuals, who keep at it, no matter how tough the going gets. For them, every thorn is a lesson imbibed. Months, years and sometimes even decades go by, but these people persevere – until their goal is accomplished.

This resilience is all the more required if your cause is environmental conservation – where you battle vast public apathy, death threats from builders or poachers and – as is sadly all too common – a string of police cases filed after each protest.

Despite it all, in this fight to save the planet from our own blind actions, some do persevere.

They are not the heroes we deserve, but the ones we need, especially at a time when our insatiable needs are, to be frank, eradicating many large forms of life on the planet.

With yet another year coming to an end, we at The Better India would like to celebrate these green crusaders, who have shown through their tireless actions and unrelenting efforts that it is never too late for us to step up and fight for our environment.

Here are 10 amazing Earth Heroes we’d like to honour with The Better India Spotlight, 2018. Their selfless pursuits are helping raise a new wave of environmental consciousness amidst people—one initiative at a time: