How to mould agriculture as a growth engine in Uttara Andhra

From the times immemorial, historians described India as a land of milk and honey as it is blessed with innumerable natural resources. Dubbed as ‘Annapoorna(The food bowl of India) Andhra Pradesh is a major producer of  rice, wheat, Sugar Cane, Cotton, Maize,  pulses, spices, tobacco and chilly. There is no dearth for perennial rivers like The Godavari, Krishna, Penna, Nagavali and Vamshadhara that emerges from both the eastern and the WesternGhats surrounding the state.

Andhra Pradesh is also the proud owner of the fertile alluvial soil in and around the river catchment areas and the delta basin. Yet, the state in general and the Northern part of the Andhra Pradesh in particular is unable to feed its own people. It is a dire necessity today for   AP to re-evaluate why her children are dying due to hunger and malnutrition and why the farmersfrom the northern part of the state are migrating from their native land, leaving their kith and kin and their community in search of livelihood?