New grading machine helps small farmers

Imagine you are a small scale rain-fed farmer.  This means that you have less than 2 acres of land, and rely solely on the monsoon to water the crop. Traditionally you have been growing chemical dependent ground nut like all the other farmers around you, but this season you have diversified to growing intrinsically organic millets inter-cropped with legumes on some of your land. You have heard in the media about the health benefits of millets and how the demand is increasing.

Come harvest time you have several hundred kilograms of millets threshed and bagged for sale. You approach a local merchant who offers you the lowest rate because of in spite of threshing quite a bit of stalk and seed head, aka “agro-waste” remains to be cleaned.  Along with sand, dust, even stones and mud balls.  You sell because it is not economically viable to hand clean the grain. Now consider as a farmer, whose sole income is from your annual harvest, are you going to again plan to grow millets next season ? Are you going to encourage other farmers to grow?