Pune brothers quit high-paying jobs for organic farming, make Rs 30 lakh turnover per month!

Satyajit and Ajinka Hange grew up alternating between two very different worlds.

One was their Anglo-Indian boarding school in Pune city, and the other was their rural agrarian family, some 150 km away in Indapur taluka’s Bhodani village, where their father toiled in the fields to ensure they got the best education.

From kindergarten to post-graduation, the sibling-duo lived in the city. Having completed their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Pune University, they climbed the corporate ladder to work for top MNCs like Citibank, DBS, HDFC, and HSBC for nearly a decade.

The monthly paycheck and lifestyle were cushy, but there wasn’t satisfaction or inner peace. Their weekend trips to the village had instilled a love for farming in them.

When they mustered the courage to leave their lucrative jobs to turn to organic farming full-time, the immediate reaction from everyone, including their own father, was utter shock.

The voices around them echoed, “Farming is not a profitable option. You don’t study in the city and return to your village to toil in the field!”

But they decided to drown this noise and follow their passion for the soil.