From UK To Auroville: Meet Musician & Organic Farmer Krishna McKenzie

It was 1993 when Krishna Mckenzie travelled all the way from the UK to Puducherry in India. Little did Mckenzie know then that years later, he would go on to become a champion of organic farming and an advocate of eco-friendliness in the quaint township of Auroville.

Inspired by the Indian culture from his alma mater, J Krishnamurti School in the UK, Mckenzie made his life-changing decision of stepping into India. Today, he finds happiness in farming with special emphasis on the Tamil cuisine and culture.

The 45-year-old is nothing short of a local celebrity. The Logical Indian spoke to Krishna Mckenzie about his love for natural farming which has been inspiring people to take the greener route. He said, “Man has lost their relationship with mother nature and hence, we have lost sight from where our food comes from.”