Telangana couple inspiring others to take-up organic farming

“We both worked together. We started with Rs 3,500, and in just four months, we have a yield of 6.35 quintals of sugar-free rice which has fetched us Rs 50,000,” say the young couple, Bhosle Sanjeev (28) and Rekha (26) who are ushering a more natural way of farming on some stretches of Kavval forest at Dongargaon, Adilabad district.

Dongargaon is a tiny village, which falls in the Indravelli mandal, and has a population of less than 1,000. The primary sustenance of its people is agriculture. And until 2013, Sanjeev’s farming pratices resembled his neighbours – using chemical pesticides and buying standard seeds from seed shops. However, over time, Sanjeev, who is educated till class 10, came to the conclusion the effort and risk of these methods of farming were not yielding corresponding results.