Meet the new-age farmers growing your ‘virtual’ kitchen garden

Farmers in many parts of the country are committing suicide. Those who are on the verge of suicide or living a life under ‘agrarian distress’ and ‘rural indebtedness’ say agriculture is no longer remunerative.

The demand for, as well as the government grant of, loan waivers and free income for farmers is on the rise. Into this depressing agricultural scenario, have stepped in young people who have given up lucrative jobs in the corporate and other sectors to become farmers. But with a difference. These new-age farmers come with loads of education, but nothing on agriculture. They work with apps and software, as they try to make farming lucrative for themselves.

And they come with ideas that go beyond only making money—sustainable farming, knowing where your food comes from and what is on your plate, pesticide- and chemical-free, if not certified, organic produce for the market are among some of their ideas. The market of these new-age farmers is not the mandis, and the apps are not one of the scores of sarkari apps aimed at enabling farmers to double their income in three or four or as many years as it takes them.