Practice organic farming methods, says Karimnagar MP

Karimnagar: Karimnagar MP B Vinod Kumar called upon the farmers to practice organic farming methods instead of using chemicals. Otherwise, people would have to face severe problems in the future if the consumption of food items produced by utilising chemical was continued. He was speaking at a farmers’ awareness programme held in Karimnagar on Saturday.

Referring to the case of Bathinda of Punjab State, MP informed that Bathinda had flourished as wheat and rice bowl of India in 1960, 70 and 80s with the local farmer producing huge crops. The lands lost fertility and farmers began using fertilizers heavily for over two decades. As a result, people started suffering from cancer. There were cancer patients literally in every house. With this one could understand how serious the situation was, he opined and added that to avoid such kind of situation, Telangana farmers must practice organic farming methods.