President confers Padma Award on seed saver Babulal Dahiya

Babulal Dahiya of Pithorabad village in Satna District of Madhya Pradesh has been conserving 125 Folk Rice Varieties as well as a number of indigenous varieties of Wheat, Barley, Millets etc.

Babulal ji is an accomplished poet & author of a number of books on Folk History of Baghelkhand; many of his books are now part of the curricula of universities in the region.

While studying the folk history, he realized that many of the crop varieties mentioned in the folktales have become extinct or very rare; he then decided to get into conservation of some of the varieties that were still being cultivated by farmers in remote areas of the district.

Wheat & Barley varieties that are being conserved by Bhairab Saini in Bankura, West Bengal.