Inspired by TV show, teacher turns into champion millet farmer over 25 acres!

Of all the crops Kishore Chandra has cultivated, the demand for browntop millet is fetching him almost triple the amount of what he was earning until last season.


What does it mean to each one of us?

A question without an existing answer, a teacher whose guidance changed the course of our lives, or a simple idea you knew would catalyse change?

There are times in our lives that push us beyond the confines of comfort zones to do things that we may have never previously considered of being capable.

For Kishore Chandra, a native from Proddatur town of Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh, inspiration came from television. After having worked in the education sector for about five years, what inspired this man to leave a secure job to pursue farming through the most ecologically sustainable manner was an episode of the renowned television series, Satyamev Jayate.