Lawyer turns 20 barren acres into lush farm, runs school for 140 kids of farmers

In 2014, Noida-based lawyer and animal lover Aparna Rajagopal decided to adopt a rescue horse along with her husband. After working with several NGOs for animal welfare, the young couple wanted to provide a haven for the four-legged creature.

Their urban home was too small to house it, so after consulting a few friends, they decided to lease some land on the outskirts of Noida.

“We thought perhaps a bigha or two would be enough, but the farmer who took us for the site visit told us how there was a stretch of vacant land that we could lease. I remember looking up and just thinking, ‘Why don’t I farm on this land?’ So, to be honest, I stumbled into farming,” says Aparna in an exclusive interview with The Better India.

Today, spread over 20 acres, lies the Beejom Organic Farm and Animal Sanctuary that she built over the last four years.