Child’s infection makes techie quit US job, start organic farming revolution in TN!

Parched lands, suicides and forced migration – these are the top three issues that farmers in India face. Even after toiling under the sun for hours and growing food round the year, farmers cannot afford meals for days together.

This is the irony of working in the agricultural sector in our country.

In a bid to improve the condition of farming, and change the way farmers are perceived, Shankar Venkataraman, a techie, quit his thriving job in the United States and started organic farming on 23 acres at Vacaville, California in 2008 and then moved to India in 2015.

Shankar’s tryst with organic farming began when his 6-month-old daughter Kirthi was diagnosed with Eczema in 2005, a condition where the skin becomes inflamed and itchy due to a combination of genetics and environmental factors.

Though Shankar was able to afford the best treatment for his daughter, as a father he needed to do something more as the treatments did not solve the root cause—the environmental toxins that affect the immune systems of kids.