Kerala’s Organic Farmers Association wins international award for innovative farming methods

Kerala’s Jaiva Karshaka Samithi (Kerala Organic Farmers Association) has won Organic Medal of Honour, conferred by International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) Asia in South Korea, in association with Xichong Municipal corporation based in China, reported The News Minute.

The award will be presented on May 30, in Xichong China. The award comes with a certificate, gold medal and prize money worth USD 5,000, i.e., Rs 3.5 lakh.

Jaiva Karshaka Samithi was formed in 1992 by a group of environmentalists in ‘One Earth One Life’ with leadership from famous ecologist Shri John C. Jacob, naturopathy doctor Dr C.R. R. Varma and expert in Organic Farming Shri K.V Dayal, and the association won this global recognition for their work in innovating organic farming methods and for scaling up production.