Kodaikanal: Gandhi’s ideas come alive in organic farming

Kodaikanal: Often referred to as the princess of hill stations, Kodaikanal goes on with daily life with the tourism industry being the main pillar of its economy as hundreds make a living out of it. But there is more to all the serenity that the place has to offer.

The locals constantly draw their inspiration for finding answers to questions about the purpose of life from the ‘great soul’ who constantly made us think during his lifetime – Mahatma Gandhi.

The Indian Nirman Sangh has been spreading the words of Gandhi and making a difference in so many lives. David Barun Kumar Thomas, the founder of the organisation, has been instrumental in this regard as he had drawn inspiration constantly through his extensive reading on Gandhi. The Gandhi farm run by him has served as a learning centre for many- participants – both women from the self-help groups under the organisation and people from near and abroad.