MP farmer grows chemical-free food in 5 layers, earns millions from just 2.5 acres

Born to a family of beetle farmers who made a living from beedi-making in the village of Tilli in Sagar district of Bundelkhand, he wanted to pursue a medical degree to help people around him to lead healthy lives. But during the preparation for AIIMS, he realised it wouldn’t help him attain his objective.

“Many who enter the profession have their own aspirations like building a better life, drawing a hefty annual package or setting up a private facility. I realised it wouldn’t be my best option to ensure better healthcare for people. I believed that a person’s health is directly connected to the food on their plate. So, my ambition became to help chemical-free food reach people’s plates.”

At the time, he was only 20, so his decision to quit his medical preparation drew the ire of family and friends alike.