Quits cushy US job to go organic, transforms farm into 10-acre food forest!

About a three hour drive north east of Mumbai lies a 10 acre land that belongs to Gaytri Bhatia’s family.

The plot has been christened Vrindavan Farm, after the ancient forest in Hindu mythology where Krishna spent his childhood days.

It isn’t just the organic food that Bhatia grows, which makes the journey of the farm interesting. It is her story.

When she first moved in, the land was predominantly a mango orchard with around 500 trees bearing seven varieties, with some coconuts, cashew nuts and black pepper crops.

Today, apart from being lush with mango trees, a number of other fruits like banana, papaya, mulberry, chikoo, pineapple, jackfruit, wild berries, cashew apples, heirloom tomatoes among others also grow on the farm. While some of the spices grown at the farm include turmeric, ginger, pepper, greens like lettuce, baby spinach, basil, native sorrel, moringa, amaranth and vegetables like doodhi, papaya, pumpkin, tomatillos, brinjal, yam, lemongrass are also grown at the farm.