Tree Man of India is leading the charge against global warming, one tree at a time

In the residential neighbourhood of Virugambakkam in Chennai, a 52-year-old carries saplings, packed in milk packets, to deliver to households. He will give the saplings for free; his only request – plant the sapling and take care of it.

Gopal Mullaivanam has made former late President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s ‘Green Kalam Project’ his life mission, though he has been distributing plants to people free of charge for a long time now. Gopal’s vision is to plant trees and help reverse some of the effects of global warming, and with this mission, he started the ‘Tree Bank’ in Chennai in 2008.

Popularly known as the ‘Tree Man of India’, Mullai says, “There are blood banks, eye banks, and other banks for the needy. So why not a ‘Tree bank’ that can protect the environment? Trees give us oxygen to breathe free, and we should repay this by planting more trees.”