With 300 millennial farmers, this Assam man’s ‘green army’ is changing how NE farms

Samir Bordoloi, a graduate in agricultural studies secured a well-paying job in the food industry almost immediately after his graduation. This cushy job, in a well known MNC, would teach him many things about the ways of working in the industry.

And most of these lessons were shocking.

Soon after joining his job, Samir, who comes from a farming background from Jorhat, Assam, realised that a wide gap divides what the farmers grow and what consumers buy. This huge gap is mostly occupied by big names in the food industry that allow the produce go through several stages of chemical treatment before readying them for the market. These industries are also responsible for making raw staples across India largely similar—if not identical—although our complex biodiversity offers a surplus variety of grains, fruits, and vegetables.