Techie-turned farmer helped villagers embrace organic farming in Maharashtra

Fifty-three-year-old Venkat Iyer quit his lucrative job as a Project Manager at IBM, went on to convince 70 adivasi farmers to take up organic farming, and even helped them market their produce.

Venkat Iyer was leading a comfortable life in Mumbai. He was at the peak of his career in his role as Project Manager at International Business Machines (IBM) when he resigned from his position.

“I was always inclined towards agriculture as an occupation. However, the state of the industry in India has been grim. Though it is considered a mainstay in the country, many farmers are known to have sold their land and moved on to become daily wage laborers due to poor income. Hence, I decided to do my bit to help these farmers improve their earnings and reap the benefits they deserve,” Venkat Iyer tells YourStory.