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Don’t Waste Your Waste: How to Make Compost and Use It Too

Did you know you can turn your chilkas into palak, tomatoes and chillies with just a little bit of work? This workshop will show you how by giving you a thorough introduction to the why, what and how of composting.

Introduction to permaculture

Is there a need to grow one’s own food?
Is it even possible?

We will discuss the methods used in urban farming applying permaculture to make it more sustainable and holistic.

6th Asian Organic Rice Conference

The 6th Asian Organic Rice Conference under the theme “Best Practices & Innovations in Organic Rice Production, Marketing & Processing” will be held on Sept 18th 2018 as part of the 3rd Organic Asia Congress (OAC). The related Exhibition will continue until Sept 21st, 2018.

East African Permaculture Convergence

Sector39 is an association of leading practitioners and teachers in Permaculture design. We offer a number of Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) throughout the year, some on a two-week intensive basis, others spread over six weekends spread over 3 months. By arrangement we can also tailor learning experiences and short courses to meet your specific requirements.

Old Seed Festival

Sanjeevini is closely associated with tribal communities in Eastern ghats, mainly Aruku region of Andhra pradesh in natural resource management, natural management and conservation of biodiversity. Sanjeevini has been supporting the farming communities in this region to continue their Traditional, sustainable agricultural practices manage forest and water resources, organize seed banks, grain banks to ensure food security and conservation of ecology. Sanjeevini Seed festival was conceptualized and initiated in 2004. Since then Sanjeevini has been organizing the event every year. During 2011 Sanjeevini received awards State and central governments for genetic conservation, biodiversity conservation.

Land and Lens Exhibition

Vanastree, and our partnering organisation Punarchith, invite you to join us for Land and Lens, a photography exhibition by youth and women farmers of Chamarajanagar and Sirsi. On the exhibition’s opening weekend, we also invite you to the Mannu-Kannu Mela—featuring a variety of much-loved products from our past Malnad Melas.

Farm Fest 2018

We invite you to spend a peaceful fun day with your family at Farm 8. This will be a festival with lots of gardening activities, community building and, of course, delicious food.

The fest will host food stalls with a specific focus on fresh foods and millets. For adults we’ll be conducting farm tours, kitchen gardening workshops, composting classes, educational games, kombucha- and pesto-making sessions, mud-building demonstrations and lots more. And for the kids there will be a special kiddie farm tour, storytelling, nature crafts, upcycling and lots more.

Decentralized Seed Systems for Climate Resilient Rainfed Agriculture

MANAGE is organizing a two days National Workshop to facilitate sharing of experiences across the country and evolving a framework for including “Government-FPO” collaboration in formal public seed systems; on 8th- 9th March, 2018 at MANAGE, Hyderabad.

The workshop is organized in collaboration with the Departments of Agriculture of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture (RRA) Network, National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Mega Seed Park-IOWA State University, Bioversity International, CSA, IFHD and WASSAN.

Participants are expected from Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, and Departments of Agriculture of various states, Research Institutions, Seed Corporations of different states, civil society, custodian farmers and FPO representatives active in this area.

Draft Pesticide Management Bill 2017 Meet

The eminent panelists are:

Key-Note Address

  1. Mr. T. Nanda Kumar, Former Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India

Government of India Viewpoint: Understand the need of a new bill

  1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Joint Secretary, Plant Protection, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India

Topic: Indian Industry Viewpoint  

  1. Mr. Vipin Saini, Executive Director, Agro Chem Federation of India

Topic: Multinational R&D Industry Viewpoint

  1. Mr. Raju Kapoor, Leader-Corporate Affairs, Dow AgroSciences India Private Limited

Topic: Formulators Viewpoint

  1. Dr. Sandeep Singh Panwar, Regulatory Specialist, Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India

Topic: Retailers Viewpoint

  1. Mr. Arvind Patel, Secretary, Agro Input Dealers Association

Topic: Farmer Viewpoint

  1. Shri Badri Narayan Choudhary, General Secretary, Bhartiya Kisan Sangh

Topic: State Viewpoint

  1. Dr. Balwinder Singh Sidhu, Commissioner Agriculture, Govt. of Punjab

Topic: Environmental Viewpoint

  1. Mr. Amit Khurana, Sr. Programme Manager, Centre for Science & Environment

Mr. Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Senior Journalist will moderate the discussions.

6th Beejotsav

Beejotsavat Nagpur from 6th to 8thApril2018, is a carnival of organic food, foodgrains, spices and the celebration of the sustainable, eco-friendly life style, visibility to seed saver and pastoral communities.

Workshop On Biodynamic Farming

The Biodynamic Association of India (BDAI)is conducting a 5-Day Workshop on Biodynamic Farming.
All participants are invited to the “Gems of Araku” event on 15th March where the best biodynamic farmers of the region will be awarded the prizes.

If registered before 1st March: Rs. 13,500/-
From 2nd March, the fees will be Rs. 14,500/-
[This is inclusive of workshop fees, study materials, meals and accommodation]
Please pay 100% of the fees and accommodation charges in advance through Net Transfer only. No Checks/DDs.
The payee details are
Payee Name:Biodynamic Association of India
Bank details:Vijaya Bank, Indiranagar, Bangalore
A/c No:130101010011429
IFSC Code:VIJB0001301

Workshop on practices and policies on rainfed farming systems

While rain fed farming systems are considered the backbone of rural communities, they are prone to several issues ranging from water stress, eroded and unsuitable soil, crop failure, food insecurity, inadequate nutrition, declining income levels, migration in search of alternative livelihoods, etc. Urgent interventions are required to revitalize rain fed farming systems and make them resilient and sustainable. The participatory workshop will be an ideal platform for various stakeholders in the rain fed farming sector to get together and share best practices, find solutions to key issues, and influence policy measures.

National Banana Festival 2018

The National Banana Festival (NBF) 2018. The festival is organised by Centre for Innovation in Science and Social action (CISSA) in partnership with Kalliyoor Grama Panchayath and a host of National and State organisations.

The festival is planned in such a way that it will benefit all who have an interest in the banana sector Producers, Consumers, Retailers, Traders, Government Organisations, NGOs and Research Institutions.

It includes National Seminar, Exhibition, Training Programmes, farmers meet and a host of other activities. This will privilege the participants in building of networking, productive collaborations apart from updating with latest knowledge and trends.

Seed Exhibition in Hyderabad

Nearly 10,000 farmers from Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, are expected to participate to and do seed exchange (mainly paddy) during these days.It will be a good opportunity for BBSM members to display and create awareness and sell seeds of local vegetables and millets and other crops like Desi cotton.

Summer crops straight from your balcony

Get ready to learn the basics of planning and running a kitchen garden, from seeding, weeding and harvesting to pest management and composting.
We guarantee you will not leave this workshop without getting your hands muddy!
What youll take away from this workshop:
-Inspiration to start your own edible garden
-Excitement about plants
-1 pot with a seedling

Dont Waste Your Waste: How to Make Compost and Use It Too

It will be leading you through the entire process of converting your kitchen waste into delicious khaad.
It will teach you to balance our dry and wet waste and ensure our compost doesnt get smelly. Different smart options for composting at home will be presented and practically introduced hands-on.

Finally, we will close the loop by showing you how you can best (re-)use your compost in your kitchen gardens to grow even more yummy veggies.
Heres what well cover:

-the basics of aerobic composting
-composting at home how to make it easy and odorless
-leaf composting and mulching
-fertilising your plants with homemade compost

And well do some hands-on work on:

-balancing wet and dry waste
-compost tea
-making a sapling pot with compost

National Conference on BhumiSuposhan

Akshay Krishi Pariwar is formed on the subject ofOrganic Agriculture. Ekalavya Foundation Chairman Manya P. Venugopala Reddy ji is the National Vice President of Akshay Krishi Pariwar. The Central Government is likely to derive its inputs from this apex body for expanding chemical free agriculture in the country in a big way by formulating appropriate policies for encouraging non-chemical agriculture through various fiscal and policy measures.

Theory & Practice of Masanobu Fukuokas Natural Farming

In this 7-day workshop with permaculture and natural farming teacher Larry Korn we will explore the philosophy and practical techniques of Masanobu Fukuoka, pioneer and world leader of the natural farming movement. This is a rare opportunity to get an inside look at what natural farming actually is, and who Mr. Fukuoka was as a person.

Agragamee Farmers Convention

Agragamee is organising a Farmers Convention on 27th October at Bhubaneswar in which 300 Farmers across the state will participate. The Government Officials, Farmers Organisations and CSOs will participate. Some Nationally eminent persons articulating on the Issues are also invited to address the Farmers. Odisha Government is finalising the Policy on Organic Farmers. The PKVY ( Paramparagat Krishi Vikash Yojana ) is being implemented in many districts with full support of the Government. In this context, this Convention has a lot of significance.

Workshops on Biodynamic Farming & Vegetable Production

Bhaikaka Krishi Kendra is organising two workshop on biodynamic farming & vegetable production Workshop on biodynamic farming is from 12th to 16th December 2017. The second one is from 17th to 20th December 2017 on Vegetable Production

HP Gov calls for research on zero budget natural farming

Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Devvrat gave a clarion call to the scientists to conduct extensive research on zero budget natural farming and develop new farm techniques to save the farm community. The Governor was speaking at the 14th Convocation of Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar Agriculture University, Palampur in Kangra district on Sunday.

Second Vikalp Sangam

This food sangam in Rajasthan hopes to touch upon social, political, cultural, ecological and economic dimensions of food in an interactive format. The Sangam is envisioned as a 4 days event

4th Exchange on Ecological Farming

This course will help you design a small urban space or a small farm so that you can step out of the chemical food cycles, provide wholesome organic food for your family and possibly create a small farm-based business.


Workshop On Biodynamics – Kodaikanal 2017

The Biodynamic Association of India (BDAI)is conducting a 6-Day Workshop on Biodynamic Farmingfrom 11th September to 16th September2017 at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

RCEP and FTAs: Impact on Small Farmers, Women Farmers, Dairy Farmers