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Paddy Field Festival – 2016

Program schedule

8.00 am – Cow Pooja

8.30 am – Welcome Note

9.00. Am – Shri Alankudi Perumal paddy Seed sowing Training and demonstration ( 250 gm seed per Acre)

10.30 Am – Sri Alankudi Perumal Paddy Transportation On Field Demonstration ( 50 cm X 50 cm Plant Gap 16000 plants per acre)

12.00 pm – Field visit ( 36+ No’s of Traditional Paddy Variety on field)

1.00 Pm – Lunch (traditional food)

2.00 Pm – Organic Farmers Group Discussion ( Traditional paddy Cultivation Knowledge Sharing.. PGS India Organic Certification data process knowledge backup to new Organic Farmers

4.00 pm – making Data For Growth Time meet @ November 2016

Workshop on Growing Organic Fruits in Pots

This workshop is intended for beginners who want to learn about growing fruits at home using organic techniques, even in limited spaces. As long as you are blessed with good sunlight, you can grow guavas, chikoos, mangoes, pomegranates, papayas, pineapples, custard apples and more to enjoy delicious and healthy (pesticide free) fruits with your family.
Well demonstrate soil and pot preparation, nutrient management, pest prevention, re-potting and transplanting, air layering and management by pruning.
Pre-registration is compulsory. Registration Fee Rs. 1,400 per participant
For more details about the session, see
To register online (make your payment via Debit card, Credit Card, Net Banking), use this link

Transition Strategies for Sustainable Community Systems

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Executive Team of the forthcoming symposium on Transition Strategies for Sustainable Community Systems: Design & Systems Perspective during 19-20 January 2017. Let me take this opportunity to thank the Advisory Committee members for the continuous support and encouragement in the preparations for above Symposium.

You will be happy to know that we have already received a few papers and confirmations of paper submissions for the symposium from India and outside India. Each of the papers submitted shall go through a good review process and all selected papers for presentation will discussed by senior experts on the subjects and heard by all the participants including academics, practitioners, policy executives, researchers, members of civil society, students from multiple disciplines and the media at the symposium. You will also be happy to know that Springer Nature has already come forward to publish the findings of the symposium.

Hope, you are working on your papers to be able to submit on time as the last date for submission is 30th October, 2016. Please make sure that your scientific papers on any specific topic from the five symposium tracks should have the perspective of sustainable community systems. More details and updates can be accessed from the updated web link,

Warm regards,


Permaculture design course in Goa

This internationally recognized course is based on the Permaculture ethics and principles: (earth care, people care & fair share, developed in the 70’s by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren

The course will teach you how to use design to better enable you to turn your environment into a sustainable and regenerative system. You will learn to utilize strategies and choose which techniques to use, to create a world of abundance for you and those around you.

A Workshop on Healthy soils – Safe food – Livelihoods

Food is nutrition. Nutritious food gives strength – immunity and prevents diseases and deficiencies. Hence, nutritious food is safe and is a basic need.  As a consumer, everyone have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to choose safe food.   But, today we have shifted to the industrial mode of agriculture involving unsafe agrochemicals and controversial Genetically Modified Crops and hence our food is unsafe. The poisonous agrochemicals are feeding our food crops. We are consuming these food crops and this is the route cause of ill health.

Dr. Claude Alvares, Director of Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI) is presiding this event.  Organic Farmers, concerned consumers, dieticians and food analysts, scientists, Department officials, Institutions involved in safe food campaigns, legal experts, artists and people representatives will take part in this event.   A committee will be formed during the event to take this forward.  Please do be part of this committee.


Workshop on Organic Agri-preneurship: Leadership – Organic Integrity – Best Practices

ICCOA in partnership with The Green Path Organic State take the pleasure to announce a 03 day workshop on:

Organic Agri-preneurship: Leadership – Organic Integrity – Best Practices

Millets in your daily meals

For people who wish to explore “good” food through the miracle grains that millets are!

Millets provide much more nutrition in terms of complex carbohydrates, protein, minerals and fiber compared to rice and wheat. They can be made into delicious dishes as well!

Also, millets are planet- friendly grains, requiring much less water and little or no use of fertilizers and pesticides. They have been indigenous staple foods for millions in our country for thousands of years.

Programme Fees   : Rs.1500/- per person

About the Facilitator:
The Workshop is anchored by Pushpa, supported by Rema and the Bhoomi team. Pushpa loves being connected to Nature through gardening, natural remedies and cooking delicious food. She has a fund of knowledge on food combinations and traditional cooking as well as plenty of tips to make cooking easy and tasty.


Workshop on Organic Kitchen Gardening

Grow your own food without toxic pesticides in your backyard,

in your front lawn,

on your rooftop,

in your balcony,

in the pots, anywhere…..

Biodiversity Fair 2016

6 months’ (free) certificate course on Agroecology in Calcutta University

Applications are invited for admission into a 6 months’ certificate course in Agroecology to be organized by the Centre for Pollination Studies in collaboration with Norwegian University of Life Science. This is an innovative course and involves classroom teaching in parallel with on farm learning and assignments.

Eligible candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree in science from a recognized university. The prospectus of the course may be downloaded from The course will begin from 1 st September, 2016 and interested applicants need to apply with a letter of intent and CV by 15 th July, 2016.

Applications may be sent to

BIOFACH INDIA together with INDIA ORGANIC trade fair

It is our privilege to invite you to the eight edition of ‘Asia’s largest International Organic trade fair and Conference Program’ – ‘BioFach India together with India Organic-2016 (BIIO)’, organized by Nurnberg Messe, Germany International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture, (ICCOA) India.

Every year the event comprises of a hi-quality exhibition from leading companies in organic agribusiness, B2B Meetings, B2C events, International buyers delegation, Farmers Workshop, International Conference of organic markets and opportunities. This international event is the biggest meeting place for organic networks, knowledge and businesses. It offers best opportunity to show case Organic production from different States’ farmers/groups for marketing.  

Odisha Seed Festival 2016

An event to celebrate diversity of traditional seeds and exchange the native seeds to conserve them for our future generations.

Kerala State Organic Farmers Sangamam 2016

As you all know Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Samiti (KJKS) (Kerala Organic Farmers’ Association) is an organization that has been working for the last 24 years with the vision of making Kerala shift to organic farming.

Every year all district people come together for the State level Sangamam.

We would like to invite you for this year’s State Sangamam on the 16th – 17th April 2016 in Vellur near Payannur town, Kannur district. This year there is a special session on the 17th April on the ‘Challenges and Responsibilities in the Organic Movement across different States’. We would like you to come and share your experiences in this session from your own state.

Workshop on Sustainable/Organic Cultivation, Himalayan Landraces and Folk rice varieties

While the overall goal is to engage the rice cultivators in Karsog Tehsil Himachal Pradesh, all are welcome to attend.

For further assistance and information please do revert.

Kisan Swaraj Sammelan and Biodiversity Seed Festival



Organic Uttarakhand 2016

……….bringing pure organics from the pristine Himalayas

Vithu Utsav (Seed Festival) in Kozhikode

Thanal and Paithrukam with the support of NABARD is organising  a Seed Festival at Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode on 20th and 21st February 2016. The special guest of honour will be the Paddy seed Warrior, Dr Debal Deb, who has conserved more than 1000 paddy varieties and have done immense work in its conservation.

The details are in malayalam, nevertheless sending. All are welcome. The programmes include Seminars on “The New Generation and Food Farming”, “Sustainable and Healthy Agriculture development through Organic farming” and “Strength of women in farming food” and a public meeting.

There will also be Display of seed diversity, folk arts and cultural programmes and a traditional food mela. People who have done commendable work in art, health, farming and cultural activities would also be honoured in the event.

Permaculture Design Course

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to permaculture principles, design practices and their application, with a particular focus on permaculture in community. Our 13-day program allows participants ample time to digest theory, get hands-on experience and become part of the daily rhythms of the EcoVillage. In addition to learning creative and practical techniques for designing abundant food, water, energy and housing systems, we will dig deeper into what it takes to create authentic and sustainable community.

Our primary instructor, Narsanna Koppula, is India’s most renowned permaculture practitioner. Trained by Bill Mollison in the 1980s, Narsanna has worked tirelessly for the last three decades to bring ecological and sustainable agricultural  to thousands of farmers across India. Narsanna has also been selected to host the International Permaculture Convergence in 2017.

This course follows the internationally recognized Permaculture Design Curriculum, with a specific focus on: soil rehabilitation and erosion control, plant identification & propagation, agroforestry & forest gardening, earthworks & water harvesting, organic food production, natural building & passive solar design, and sustainable human settlements.

Hands on training in Agroecology

Basudha will give a 3 day intensive hands-on training in Agroecology: Principles and Practices, on campus, at Rayagada district of Odisha. This will be a kind of crash course. A course certificate will be issued to participants. This is a full 3-day course, so participants must arrive by the 26th evening or 27th early morning, and cannot leave before the 30th morning.

Suggested fee (including food and lodging): Rs 5000 per head per day. This will cover food, lodging on campus (a guest house in Muniguda is an option) and teaching and demonstration costs.

Community Seed Fair 2016

The adivasi farmer’s organizations of Malkangiri have been organizing Annual Community Seed Fair to celebrate the bounty of local natural resources including the traditional seeds every year. This Community Seed fair is completely being organised by the local advice farmers on their own.

This year the Community Seed Fair at Malkangiri in Odisha state is being scheduled on 14th February 2016 at Adamunda village of Malkangiri district of Odisha. We welcome you to participate in this fair and encourage the indigenous farmers.

Join the Satyagraha to keep our mustard and ourselves safe from Genetic Modification

The first Genetically Engineered Food Crop is expected to be approved in two days from now in a hush hush GEAC meeting. Democracy is being trampled on blatantly. An opaque organization with no representation of the ministry of health, conflicting interests, linkages with the GM industry and doubtable ethics is going to take an irrevocable decision against safe food and farming, this Friday.


Please join in for a short bit at least. Don’t expect others to safeguard your food and environment.

National Permaculture Convergence

National Permaculture Convergence is an inclusive forum where practitioners in the rapidly growing fields of permaculture, eco-friendly agricultural practices and sustainability, will come together to connect and share experiences and best practices. The Convergence will include talks, presentations, discussions, small demonstrations and exhibitions that explore the theme “Towards Healthy Societies”. We welcome you to join us to learn, network, present and celebrate.

Beejotsav Nagpur 2016

In the times of chemical farming and G.M. seeds, Mr. Anant Bhoyar from Nagpur is practicing organic farming with determination of producing poison-less food. Mr. Harshil Awchat of Nagpur is trying to provide pure edible oil with the help of expeller technology, while most of the market is full of adulterated oil. A group of farmers in Akola is producing indigenous cotton when more than 90% of the area under cotton in our country is B.T. Cotton. Gram Sewa Mandal in Wardha is producing Khadi by keeping alive the Charkhas and handlooms, so that we won’t have to surrender the cloth market to the fabric factories which are centralizing wealth and polluting environment with hazardous chemicals. At the times when people are finding more respectful and comfortable to leave villages and find a job in cities, a software professional from Nagpur, Prachi Mahurkar, has left her job and started farming.


Farmers’ Organic Market

Interested in good food but didn’t know where to look? CSE organising a Farmers’ Market on January 30 at the India Habitat Centre. The event will bring together farmers from different parts of the country who will showcase and sell their produce at the IHC’s lawns – the focus will be on millets. The event will also offer an opportunity to sample some mouth-watering (and health-promoting) dishes which will be prepared by the IHC kitchen, or to learn how to recreate them in your own kitchen. There will be tips on urban gardening – how to grow vegetables in the limited urban space and sessions from specialists that will educate and inform. Don’t miss it.

Ninth Malnad Mela 2016

The Malnad Mela in Bengaluru has been an important way of linking women farmers/gardeners with consumers in a bid to promote better understanding of rural agrarian issues, conservation of the Western Ghats and to help augment the income of women. At this Malnad Mela, we also feature youth farmers from Chamarajnagar who are part of a food garden course run by Vanastree with our local partner, Punarchith.

Our theme this year is traditional seeds and tubers, and soils. While the spirit of celebration and seeking solutions continues, we are acutely aware of the many dismal agrarian issues that loom large. We carry on striving to spread the message of seed conservation, remembering forgotten foods and building living soil systems, while staying rooted in our community work.