AP CM inaugurates organic farming summit in Guntur

Guntur: AP CM Chandrababu Naidu inaugurate ‘Zero Budget Natural Farming’ training program organized at Bible Mission Ground in Guntur. Speaking at the event Naidu said that the state has achieved 10.52 percent of GDP growth in last four and a half years. In order to generate wealth, there is a high need for implementing development […]

Getting Nigerian farmers into the mainstream of nature farming

Since the inception of inorganic fertilizers and other farm chemicals which accompanied the use of machines in commercial farming, most commercial and wealthy farmers have abandoned the natural and ecofriendly way of food production and seamlessly adopted inorganic farming methods which are commonly perceived as being more economically viable in commercial scale and also enhance […]

How Organic is Organic Food in India?

The organic food tsunami came about a decade ago, washing over our lives completely. From the humble cucumber to the exotic avocado, from pulses to salad leaves to spices to rice, every single food item we used to buy from the grocers suddenly had an organic cousin sitting next to it on the shelves – […]

Sundarbans women lead the way in making dairy farms organic

Over 30 women have gathered to deliver milk here: a daily rendezvous for this clique belonging to a women-run dairy co-operative, in the Sundarbans delta in south Asia, that is inching its way to becoming 100 percent organic. In the bucolic settings of the Chowrangi village in West Bengal, these empowered women milk producers ranging […]

Impt Union Govt Schemes & Programmes in Agriculture

Government of India is giving more priority for welfare of the farmers. In this regard it is implementing several farmers welfare schemes to revitalize agriculture sector and to improve their economic conditions.  Therefore, the government has rolled out new initiatives, schemes, programmes and plans to benefit all the farmers.

Bhutan farmers learn to go organic

Farmers of Chudzom gewog in Sarpang are learning the basic and rightful implementation of the technique of organic farming. Chudzom is one of the most remote villages of Southern Bhutan , where most of the farmers have been emphasising on cardamom as the main cash crop. Many farmers have even converted their kitchen garden into […]

How and where to get ‘Waste Decomposer’

As we know waste decomposer has been in use by our farmer friends since long but still there are problems in its availability. Farmers don’t know from where to get these waste decomposers. With reference to the information given on Krishi Jagran web portal regarding our previous article on waste decomposer, we would be keen to help our farmer friends regarding its […]

Rooftop gardens have huge potential as food sourc

Dhaka is among the most densely populated city having thousands of buildings for habitation. Residents can create well-planned garden in the rooftop, MA Sobhan says as he sees a huge opportunity to turn the rooftop gardens into earning sources for urban people. Citing the Cuban experience, he says that Cuba has become the pioneer of […]

Understanding organic pest control

There was a time when our agriculture scientists as well as farmers believed that with the invention of various types of chemical pesticides they had overcome the problem of pests or bugs in crops. Undoubtedly the initial success was marvelous and soon people began to put their whole trust solely on chemical pesticides and began […]

Sikkim pushes for export of organic vegetables

Japan and South Korea have evinced interest in importing organic vegetables, food grains and medicinal plants grown in Sikkim, which if successful, would add yet another feather to the cap of the Himalayan state’s Organic Mission. Business delegations of the far eastern countries have already visited the state and held discussions with officials of the […]

Kokrajhar’s Maoswm Farmers’ Club in Assam shows the way

The Maoswm Farmers’ Club at Sonapara Karigaon in Kokrajhar district has set an example in the district for other farmers through organic farming. The 10-member Maoswm Farmer’s Club, Sonapara cultivates chilly, ladies fingers, brinjal and other vegetables in a plot of six-and-half bighas of land. They have been selling their products in Kokrajhar town, Balajan Tinali, Karigaon […]

DDC felicitates organic farmers in Pulwama

Department of Agriculture organized a function to felicitate the farmers of Bangund hamlet which was declared first model Organic vegetable village in the State in 2017. Deputy Commissioner Pulwama, G M Dar was the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, DDC said that Organic farming is evolving in all the countries around the world and […]

The Annual Handmade Collective 2018

A delightful community event that we hold every year, is a culmination of these various crafts and arts from across India, the artisans, ideas, sweat and a whole lot of laughter. The Collective often referred to as ‘The Bazaar’ by our patrons is the perfect place for one to bump into long lost friends bringing […]

Date 28th Nov to 2nd Dec 2018

Tribute to a hero of organic farming

Peter Melchett, a passionate defender of the countryside and the integrity of the natural environment, has died at the age of 70. Peter was inspired by Lady Eve Balfour and her book The Living Soil, and also by Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring. Both were outstanding voices of the early environmental movement, and were the source of his […]

Nagaland organic farmers not getting necessary backup

In October this year, the tiny Himalayan State of Sikkim was declared as India’s first organic State by United Nations for its farming policies that benefitted over 66,000 farmers. According to World Future Council, tourism in the State had also increased by 50% between 2014 and 2017. Like Sikkim, Nagaland is also predominantly hilly and […]