₹20 Bottle of Solution Is Punjab Farmers Answer to Stubble Burning

November 18, 2017 0 Comments

One of the primary reasons contributing to hazardously high levels of smog in Punjab and NCR belt is the age-old practice of stubble burning followed by farmers with the onset of winter.

While the contaminant fog has been causing not just visibility crisis but various health issues, government and non-government agencies have repeatedly been advocating against the practice and raising awareness amidst the farmers in the region.

Seeing the dangerous effects of smog for themselves, many farmers in Punjab are switching to an alternative method that takes care of stubble disposal responsibly, without eliciting any threat to the environment.

The method involves a waste decomposer, a solution concocted with effective microorganisms that propel in-situ composting of the crop residue. This is done by spraying the preparation on the post-harvest stalks of crop plants and leaving it for a month.