Delhi teen helps grow 6000+ trees, raise farmer incomes in Vidarbha by 25%!

Aarnav Agarwal is only 17, but his work in the last three years has been instrumental in saving hundreds of farmers from losing hope in the Vidarbha belt after they suffered crop failures.

UjjBhav, short for Ujjwal Bhavisha (meaning ‘bright future’), is a unique mentorship programme that the teenager started. It not only aims to get to the root of the agrarian crisis but also helps farmers with their issues, earn profits and become self-sufficient.

Speaking to The Better India, the 17-year-old recalls the beginning of his journey, “I still remember reading a newspaper article three years ago. It spoke about how farmer suicides constituted 11.2% of the total suicides in India. It rattled me.”

It all began when he visited Vidarbha, also known as the epicentre of farmer suicides in India. Even as young as 14, Aarnav knew that he wanted to do something to alleviate their problems.