Grow your own Food Eco-friendly Way

December 5, 2013 0 Comments


Its been a month since we have started organic farming and gardening activities to grow food in Urban landscape at Vigyan Ashram Do it Yourself(DIY) Lab, Kothrud. Many of you have witnessed physically or via email these activities.

We are happy to announce a name for these activities and form a club so as citizens of Pune can identify with.

Urban Soil

Grow your own Food Eco-friendly Way

Urban Soil will be a club of Citizen, Students, Housewives, IT Professionals, Doctors and anyone interested to grow their own food organically and in a Eco-friendly manner in Urban area. It will incorporate trainings about organic farming such as composting, liquid manure, making various types of beds, growing seedlings, seed preservation, understanding ecology, recycling waste and garbage, water harvesting and other activities for sustainable living a Eco-friendly lifestyle.

We would like to announce a 2 hour (8-10 am)

weekly training from Sunday 1st December 2013. This will be continuous weekly activity on every Sunday.

A repeat batch on every Wednesday (3-5pm) would be held for Housewives or others who could not attend on Sundays.

The repeat training batch for Urban organic farming & gardening is scheduled today 5/12/13 from 3-5pm. Please join or inform anyone interested.
To register for the training please send a email to with below details :-

1) Name

2) Contact Number

3) Why you want to learn Organic farming?


M :- 9011355709