Malnad Mela

February 3, 2014 0 Comments

Dear friends,

Please join us for the seventh MALNAD MELA in Bengaluru on
February 8-9, 2014 (Saturday & Sunday) 10:30 am to 6 pm
Golden Bead School
157, Rathna Avenue
(lane adjacent to Action Aid on Richmond Road going towards Trinity Circle)

Attached is the poster invitation – do help us spread the word as you have always done.

We will have our usual range of products from 62 forest home gardeners and producers. Organic vegetable and flower seeds; wild and cultivated foods; kokam nectar; pickles, preserves & papads; tambli powders; kokam butter – beeswax balms; soapnut scrub; natural vegetable colours for Holi; indigo dye and patchwork bedspreads. There will be ready to eat foods and beverages from the malnad. This year we also have solar lights from One Child One Light Foundation and house plants from Scaperz.

Golden Bead School which has generously allowed us the use of their playground, has its Open Day over the Malnad Mela weekend. You could drop in there to see a Montessori school and its initiatives and programmes.

Vanastree has a new website now! Please do check out and send us your feedback. This has been a tremendous boost for us. We are extremely thankful to the web master/designer who spent five months in the malnad monsoon plugging away while coping with leeches, slippery paddy bunds and fungoid intrusions.

We have a request for you all this year. If you have old but clean t-shirts/vests to give away and corks from wine bottles, please do bring them to the mela. We will recycle these into bags and bottle stoppers respectively. Also welcome will be spare paper bags. A box will be kept at the entrance for the drop off. Thanks for your cooperation.

Another request is to please share photos of yourselves in your gardens where seeds from the Vanastree seed savers have been used. We have received mails from many of you reporting good germination and harvest. It would be great to share this with the malnad gardeners. Those who don’t mind can be featured in our updates too.

Finally, we would like to introduce you to an inspiring book Wheels of Destiny by

N.S Hema, founder of the Association for People with Disability (APD), Bengaluru. Hema’s passion is gardening, and she has used this as an effective therapy and skill building tool for youth groups APD works with. As a school goer, I remember being awe-struck seeing the blind deftly handle tens of species of plants. The book will be available at the mela. You may also call 080-25475165 to order copies.

We look forward to meeting you at the Malnad Mela. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Best wishes,
Sunita Rao
on behalf of the Vanastree collective

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