A green twist to paddy cultivation

February 10, 2015 0 Comments

Anitha Pailoor, Feb 10, 2015:

Farmers in Davangere and Shivamogga have opted for green manure plants to improve soil fertility and decrease cultivation costs, writes Anitha Pailoor.

Dakshayanamma, a farmer in Kumbaluru in Harihar taluk in Davangere cannot remember a time when she had such a good crop, that too with such a low input. The beaming smile on her face reflects the mood of paddy growers in the region. Hundreds of farmers in Davangere district are delighted after reaping good harvest with reduced inputs. A change in the cultivation practices has been observed in about 1,000 acres of paddy field in the district, thanks to the use of legumes and other green manure plants. Green manure had earlier lost the battle to chemical fertilisers but is now being brought back in a huge fashion.