A native wheat variety gives 32 Quintal per acre of yield

October 3, 2012 0 Comments

The variety developed by Prakashsingh Raghuvanshi, a researcher from Varanasi
Jalgaon, 14th Sept. 2012
Agriculture Research Centre in Varanasi has developed a wheat variety that gives about 25- 32 quintals of yield per acre, the information given by the creator himself, Prakashsingh Raghuvanshi in a press meet held in Jalgaon.

Mr. Prakashsingh Raghuvanshi inaugurated the ‘Natural Farming Knowledge Training Centre’ in Jalgaon. He also inaugurated the Centre’s activity on ‘Give missed call twice and get free information on seeds’. During this press meet, Raghuvanshi said, “With this year’s drought like conditions, farmers had to face lot of problems. To overcome this effect, he advised farmers to sow the new native wheat variety as the Rabi crop for this year. They have natural farming research centre in Tadiya, Jakhani, district Varanasi where they have developed a variety of organic composts and seeds. They have developed this new variety from the wheat grown by the farmers themselves. He said, “Once you produce yield from this wheat variety, one can develop seeds for the next 5 years”. Wheat, paddy and other vegetable seeds can be developed by using this same simple technique. Approximately 80 different type of seeds are developed through research in this centre. The particular wheat variety in question gives good yield even with less water and less cold conditions. Normally wheat gives yield in around 130 to 140 days. But this wheat variety gives yield in just 115 days. For the normal varieties of wheat, the wheat ear is just 2-3 inches while the wheat ear of this wheat variety is 14 inches long and so the yield increases. One of their seed researches is patented. Experimentations done in Sangli and Bhusaval has also proven to be successful. Farmers can visit the 5 acre plot with this wheat variety being grown in Bafna Go Seva Anusandhan Kendra in Jalgaon.

Give missed call…

Honoured by our honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Prakashsingh Raghuvanshi has developed a wheat variety with a natural method. The information on the wheat variety and the process by which he developed this new seed variety will be made available to the farmers free of cost. Farmer can give missed calls twice on the following two numbers – 8055536691; 8380028581 and someone will call back with the needed information for the farmer, says the manager of the Centre, Mr. Abhay Singh.

(Source: Lokmat, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, 14th Sept. 2012)