An Initiative Is Helping Thousands of Farmers Across Gujarat Discover Organic Farming

April 17, 2017 0 Comments

Inspired by examples of farmers earning ample returns through various techniques of chemical-free farming, a farmers produce company in Rajkot is writing a new chapter on sustainable agriculture in arid and semi-arid zones. Hiren Kumar Bose explores the revolution wrought by Future Farms.

Neetu Patel, an agri-entrepreneur, has strong opinions about the kind of farming she endorses. She says, Farmers who are forced to sell tomatoes for ₹1 for a kilo, or onions for 50 p, and end up destitute have become the norm. Thats not the kind of farming we believe in. We are into growing medicinal plants, and even crops like wheat, castor, sesame, moong, arhar, etc., by strictly following organic farming.

The feisty director of Future Farmswhich counts Patanjali Ayurved, Himalaya Drug Company, and Zandu Pharmaceuticals as clientswas speaking at her organic food store in a residential neighbourhood in Rajkot. The shop stores a range of products, from alfalfa capsules to organically grown lentils. In 2016, it supplied 750 tons of castors grown in Kutchs Bhachauregion to Gandhidham-based Castor Products Company for pressing into oil, which was exported to Wala Heilmittel GMBH in Germany. With 100 acres adding up every other month, the farmers produce company is writing a new chapter on sustainable farming in the countrys arid and semi-arid zones.