Andhra adivasi coffee now at elite stores in Mumbai

April 16, 2012 0 Comments

There’s new brew on the menu at Indigo Deli, and it comes packaged with fresh karma. The deli’s outlets at Colaba, Phoenix Mills and Andheri (West) will now stock Araku Emerald coffee, which is grown by Adivasi farmers in Andhra Pradesh.

The coffee gets its name from the valley in which it is grown, Araku Valley. A world-class product; Naandi Foundation, a non-profit organization, brought in coffee experts and biologists, who trained farmers to treat the soil, safeguard their crops and use farming methods to produce a quality cup of coffee.

Araku Emerald coffee is being exported to highest bidders in countries like Australia, Germany, Austria and South Korea. Indigo Deli will be the first gourmet store to carry the brand in India, as they plan to stock it in their retail store as well as offer it as part of their menu.

Two varieties of Araku coffee offered are the Red Earth and Forest Trail blends. Red Earth is a lighter coffee, with a citrus tanginess and flavors of caramel and chocolate, while Forest Trail is stronger, with a smooth texture and hints of dark chocolate, caramelized fruit and brown sugar.

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