ANNAM 2015- National Seminar

September 8, 2015 0 Comments

ANNAM 2015- National Seminar on food, health & agro – biodiversity: changing paradigms during 12th & 14th November, 2015.

This National Seminar focuses on the changing paradigms in food and agro – biodiversity and the impacts on health, ecological, social, economic and environmental scenarios. Further, a wide array of multi-disciplinary subjects including innovations in promoting locally produced food materials and processing technologies, health benefits of indigenous foods, agro – biodiversity and nutritional security, food as medicine, traditional knowledge on food, etc could be discussed in this platform. The deliberations in this seminar would provide necessary inputs to the food and health policies at national and regional levels.

Focal theme of this seminar is Food, Health and Youth.  Good nutrition is important for overall health, growth and development of children and youth, especially to support their mental, physical and emotional health and well-being. Healthy food, in appropriate amounts, provides children and youth with the nutrients and energy needed daily for growth and development, as well as the foundation for lifelong good health.  Both oral and poster presentations will be there in addition to invited lectures on focal theme and on various sub themes.

You are cordially invited to register for ANNAM national seminar and to submit papers. The last date for submission of abstract is 15th October 2015. Kindly circulate the details of this seminar to your friends and colleagues.

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