AP man leaves lucrative job to help farmers

ANANTAPUR/ VISAKHAPATNAM: Kadapas Aneel Kumar Ambavaram, holder of a Masters Degree in Organic Agriculture from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands was not happy with his profession even after working with renowned multinational companies like Dow Agro-Sciences and Dupont for 15 years, even though he had a high-profile career and a handsome pay package.

During his trips to his motherland, in the district of Kadapa Mr Aneel realised that his work made him successful and contributed to the farmers abroad progressing, but the farmers in his native land were languishing. He began introducing the produce of the drought-hit areas of Rayalasema and Vizianagaram districts of North Andhra to the international markets. This mission proved successful and improved the financial condition of the local farmers.