As COP22 talks continue, farmers in Kerala are fighting to save their farms

This years world climate change talks were labelled the COP of Action, with the aim of acting on the promises made the previous year, at the landmark Paris agreement. For the first time, the Conference of Parties is being held in Africa and Morocco has positioned itself as an advocate for the continent, highlighting agriculture and farmers as a key topic. Farmers in low income countries around the world are among the least responsible for climate change but have been bearing the brunt of it, a key concern for Fairtrade.

Farmers in India are doing what they can to mitigate the effects of climate change but they cant do it alone, and they are still losing their crops. In this film, Farmer Benny Mathew, says: Climate change is the biggest problem faced by farmers in Kerala today. Farming in this region has been badly hit. Fairtrade farmers organisation Manucardu Social Service Society (MASS), has echoed Bennys concerns.