Bangaluru’s ‘back2basics’ Brings Organic Greens Farm to Fork

Bengaluru, Jul 12: As Indians are becoming more health conscious and the awareness about effects of the harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers is growing, the market for organic food products is witnessing a surge. Bengaluru, the IT hub of the country, has also seen an increase in the consumers of organic vegetables. People having lesser time to spend in the gym or other physical activities, they are hence switching to healthy eating habits.

This is when players like back2basics come in, who have dedicated their entire focus in providing people with the best of organic produce. We might be happy with what we have but a minor jolt at times, can make us realize what destiny has in store for us. Such is the story of S.Madhusudhan, a Bangalorean and true Kannadiga at heart, who in his late fifties accidentally met with his new way of life.